Leading the Way in New Development Enabling Works

LAM Civils, is proud to present its top-tier services in New Development Enabling Works. In the dynamic world of property development, the journey from a vision to a viable construction site requires meticulous planning and execution. We stand at the forefront of this endeavour, ensuring your project begins on the sturdiest of foundations.

Understanding New Development Enabling Works

Before any construction dream becomes a reality, the groundwork needs to be impeccable. Enabling works are the first steps, preparing land and making it conducive for primary construction. From site clearance to utility re-routing, these are the operations that pave the way for successful developments.

Our New Development Enabling Works Services

Site Clearance

Ensuring a site is free from obstructions, including vegetation, old structures, and debris, ready for the main construction phase.

Ground Stabilisation

Implementing techniques to ensure soil stability, mitigating risks related to ground movement during and after construction.

Utilities Rerouting

Identification and rerouting of existing utility services, minimising disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted services to neighbouring properties.

Temporary Works Construction

Whether it's provisional roads, hoardings, or other temporary infrastructures, we ensure the site remains accessible and safe for all stakeholders during the construction phase.

Ecological Considerations

Preserving local ecology by implementing measures to protect wildlife and plant life, in line with UK environmental regulations.

Why Partner with LAM Civils for Enabling Works?


Our team's expertise ensures every aspect of enabling works is executed with unmatched precision, setting the perfect stage for subsequent construction.

Timely Execution

We understand the value of time in property development. Our methods and workforce are geared towards meeting project timelines consistently.


Environmental considerations aren't just an afterthought. From the get-go, our processes emphasise eco-friendly practices.

Budget Adherence

With transparent costing and efficient methods, we ensure that enabling works don't overshoot your budgetary allocations.