Specialists in Lining & Anti-skid Solutions

LAM Civils remains at the forefront of enhancing road safety in the UK. Our dedication to delivering top-notch Lining and Anti-skid solutions is a testament to our commitment to not just improving infrastructure, but safeguarding lives.

Understanding Lining & Anti-skid

Road markings (lining) guide and inform drivers, aiding in safe navigation. Anti-skid solutions, on the other hand, significantly reduce skidding potential, especially during adverse weather conditions, ensuring vehicles maintain proper grip on the roadway.

Road Lining Solutions

Longitudinal & Transverse Markings

Clear demarcations for lanes, stop lines, and pedestrian crossings.

Symbolic Markings

Essential symbols for parking zones, bus lanes, and cycle tracks.

Reflective & Thermoplastic Markings

Enhancing night-time visibility and longevity.

Anti-skid Solutions

High Friction Surfacing

Providing superior grip especially at crucial zones like pedestrian crossings and roundabouts.

Coloured Surfacing

Designating specific zones like bus lanes, aiding in easy road navigation.

Resin-based Solutions

Ensuring maximum skid-resistance and durability.

Why Choose LAM Civils?

Safety First

Our lining and anti-skid solutions are meticulously designed to maximise road safety for all users.

Premium Materials

We use industry-leading materials ensuring durability, visibility, and effectiveness.

Innovative Approach

Staying updated with global advancements, we continually innovate to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Experienced Team

Our seasoned professionals ensure precise application, adhering to UK's rigorous standards.